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Drumming & Healing Circle New Time!

May 18, 2019 10 - 11:30 am


New Meeting Place!  Galleria Wellness Center, 740 Front Street, Ste 250, Sanat Cruz CA

We will come together and connect with our Spirit helpers for healing and helpful information and guidance with a seasonal focus.
Journey to heal self, others and the earth. Shamanic Healing and Drumming Circle for Self-Healing, Empowerment and Evolution through shamanic journeying. Shamanic healing is the original mind-spirit medicine dating back over 30,000 years and is or has been practiced by all indigenous cultures. A healthy spirit is the living framework on which our body grows, heals and thrives. Learn how this ancient form of healing can restore us to “full power.” Tools for self-healing and helping others. Everyone welcome with the training to do a shamanic journey in the Harner method. If you are interested in joining the circle and do not know how to journey in the method taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, let me know and we can arrange a time to meet prior to the circle to introduce you to shamanic journeying. Give me a call to schedule or with any questions.

Bring a hand-held frame drum and rattle if you have them, a blanket, an eye cover and a journal and pen for noting your journeys.

I look forward to being in circle with you.


Upcoming circles 2019  No circle June, July or August, September 21, October 19, November 16. and December 21, 2019


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pat shea newDirector of the Santa Cruz Center for Health & Well-Being
Patricia Shea, CTN, DC
Certified Traditional Naturopath
Shamanic Practitioner

For 30 years, Dr. Shea has been helping people overcome injuries and illnesses and achieve higher levels of health and wellness. With her combined education, training and experience, she brings body, mind and spirit together for a unique holistic healing experience. She will help you get well and stay well by uncovering your primary stressors and developing effective strategies to increase your health and well-being. 

Board-Certified: American Naturopathic Certification Board
Diplomate: Craniosacral Therapy
DC: Palmer College of Chiropractic
Advanced Training: Shamanic Healing Techniques, Celtic Shamanism, Applied Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy, Accident Reconstruction, Whiplash Injuries
Member: International Association of Health Practitioners, California Chiropractic Association, Monterey Bay Chiropractic Association, Institute of Functional Medicine, International Society of Shamanic Practitioners, Foundation of Shamanic Studies


Learn how a naturopathic doctor with a patient-focused approach and effective alternative healthcare and disease prevention can benefit your body, mind and spirit. Call us at 831.425.4525 or use our convenient online Request an Appointment form.

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